Slideshare is known as a knowledge encyclopedia. Slideshare is a very popular way that gives users the facility to upload presentations in different types of formats and Related to Industry. The downloader for Slideshare is a community that allows the sharing of slideshows and presentations. In SlideSharedown, you can download the slide share presentation in pdf format without filling in the captcha in one click instantly. Our website is the best and easy tool for downloading presentations in the form of pdf in a high resolution without any login.

Why should we use the downloader?

Slideshare’s official website, SlideShare.Net does not allow a person to download any slides without login. Making an account is mandatory for using it. The Slideshare downloader will enable the user to download any presentation without creating any account. You can easily find any presentation and then download it without login in.

What are the advantages of using our Slideshare downloader?

  • Slideshare downloaders are very simple and easy to use. Its design is not complex; a normal person without extra computer knowledge can use it. The step-by-step procedure of how to use it is given below: 
  • Open your browser like Chrome, Safari, UCBrowser, or any other.
  • Open the website of Slideshare
  • After the website opens, type the name of the presentation you want to download in the search box. When the file is opened then, copy its URL address. You can copy the address by clicking on the search bar browser; after clicking, the whole link is selected, and then press Ctrl + C for copying. The URL address will be copied.
  • After copying, please open a new tab and website by typing
  • When the website is open, you see the paste link option. Now paste the link you copied from the original website and click on download in pdf format.
  • After clicking in pdf format, the page starts processing and takes a few seconds, and your presentation will be downloaded in the pdf format on your device.

The time required for the file to be downloaded in pdf format depends upon the size of the presentation/file. The bigger file can take extra time as compared to the small ones.

Yes, our website is available 24 hours. You can download any presentation whenever you want.

You can tell us about the bug or other suggestions on our contact page. Submit your problem or advice on that page. Please share your opinion or idea with us if you have any new ideas related to downloads.

No, our website is completely free. There are not any hidden charges and not any subscription fees. You can easily and without any hesitation use it. As some website charges you after some month, we do not do this. You can use it for a lifetime without any cost.

No, you can’t download any presentation from any other website using this tool.

Once you paste the link and download it in pdf format, it is automatically saved in your gallery. You do not need to keep it again with any tool; it is already in your gallery or your file manager.

No, we do not take your personal information. You can use our website without any fear of breaching privacy.

Our website Slideshare down is very fast instead to other websites. Our website provides ultrahigh downloads with high Resolution, which other websites do not offer; that’s why if you want your pdf downloads in a high resolution, then use our tools.

The files are saved in the downloads folder on your laptop, but if you want to change it, you can also change the location.

If you want to download files on your tablets, then the same method of using it on a computer and laptop is applied. Open the browser and then open Slideshare or any other website from which you want the presentation. Search the file and then copy that file link. Now go to, paste the link on the bar where the paste is written, and click on download in pdf format. The film takes some minutes to process and then download to your tablet.

No, the virus did not come with the file using our website. You can without any virus though use our website.